The staff from Advocacy Partners LLC and volunteers gather for a group photo.

Advocacy Partners, LLC.

Advocacy Partners (AP) is a family owned, local agency that provides meaningful services for individuals on the Developmental Disability (DD) and Mi Via Waivers.

Advocacy Partners’ commitment and passion stems from the life Carol and Carlos have led and the services they sought for their daughter Daria. The Romeros saw a need in their community for person- centered individual services, and so in 2005, they founded Advocacy Partners.

AP offers caring and professional support for the people who provide direct residential, substitute/respite care and community supports for the individuals they serve.

Since the passing of Carlos Romero in 2008, his wife Carol partnered up with their daughters Victoria, Elena and Daria to continue Advocacy Partners. The family-oriented services Carol and Carlos established in their agency continue to grow and expand for both the providers and the individuals that they serve.

Company Bio


Nathan and I have been with Advocacy Partners over 12 Years and our lives have been blessed because of the generosity of this agency! We are double blessed to have a case manager named Amanda Martinez that attends to our needs just like we are her family. We wouldn’t trust our care to anyone else! Advocacy Partners Rocks!

Nathan and I

Advocacy Partners

I have been with Advocacy Partners. A little over a week now. My client and Cousin Chris, and his lovely Mom Susie McCracken..We are the “New Kids on the Block”..And are very pleased with all that this company has done for us..!


New kid on the block

My experience working with Advocacy Partners has been nothing short of wonderful and pleasant experiences. I have worked for many companies that claim to feel like a family, however, Advocacy Partners is probably the first company where I truly believe this statement to be true. Everyone is extremely friendly and always willing to help out in any and all ways they can. It is extremely easy to become staffed and work a schedule that perfectly fits your needs for daily life. Overall, I would highly recommend Advocacy Partners to anyone with drive and dedication towards helping others.

Daniel Chavez

CCSI provider testimony

Advocacy Partners (AP) has been an amazing company for my family. My daughter has Prader Willi Syndrome. We have been with AP for seven years. I can call, email, or text anyone in the company and receive prompt answers to any of my questions or concerns. AP is the best decision I have ever made for Shelby. We have made so many friendships through this company.

Derenda Spearman

family-living provider

It has been an absolute pleasure to be associated with Advocacy Partners. Here you will find kind hearts and genuine enthusiasm for the individuals that are supported. The family environment of the company is one that I do find unique, and the long lasting relationships the company has with their individuals is a testament to their mission statement. A very warm and welcome provider agency that will support you with your dreams and aspirations

John Noel

statewide trainer