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CCS is a service that is designed to help individuals on the DD Waiver become an integral part of their community. Under CCS, an individual will explore their community to develop the skills needed to be successful with whatever goals or dreams they may have. These skill-building activities can include learning healthy living, education, social interactions, daily living and job skills. CCS also allows the exploration of the individual’s community to identify and/or participate in activities that are meaningful to them.

Customized Community Supports Providers play a key role in helping individuals become successful in CCS and in achieving their goals/dreams. The majority of providers will work one-on-one with their individuals 100% of the time in the community. While in the community, the CCS provider will also assist individuals in developing long-lasting, meaningful relationships with other community members.

To ensure the success of the CCS provider, they are extensively trained prior to working with any individual. This will include personalized trainings based on the individual’s needs and wants as well as ways to make each day meaningful.

Being a CCS provider allows you to help enrich the lives of individuals by helping them develop and increase their independence and self-worth. With these new skills, many individuals find they no longer need some supports!

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