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CIHS are hourly supports intended to instruct or enhance the skills that are needed to maintain independence. Services are primarily provided in the individual’s home but can also be done in the community as well.

Customized In-Home Support Providers have the opportunity to provide one-on-one support to an individual in their home and in the community and are key in assisting the individuals they support in gaining independence. Customized In-Home Support providers help develop and implement ISP outcomes as well as assist with countless other learning opportunities that come up in these settings. CIHS Providers are screened and trained by the agency as well as by any therapists the individual might be utilizing.

Pick your own staff! It is our goal to be able to equip you with well-trained, passionate and reliable staff that fit your schedule and needs. We strive to give you the opportunity to design and manage the supports you need to learn new skills and build on the skills that you already have.