Amanda Martinez

Service Coordinator

Years working with Advocacy Partners

11 years

Years working in the DD Waiver

11 years

Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to help individuals with special needs become more independent. I love to watch them succeed and or improve. In the years I have been working in the DD Waiver, I have been working alongside with individuals for a long time. In that time, I watched them grow, bloom, and accomplish their goals as well as make new ones. They have become family to me. I have a sister with special needs and when I see how much she has accomplished it makes me so happy. I knew how important it was to help her succeed that I wanted to do it for others as well.

Fun Fact(s) About Me

My favorite color is purple. I love to spend my free time gardening my plants and flowers in my yard. I like to bake, read and spend time with my family. I’m a huge Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Harry Potter fan. I LOVE tacos, no not taco bell tacos haha! I could also eat twin pops all day. Would like to ride a train with my family across the country one day. We try to travel to a new City/State every year to see new things. We are a “Netflix/Disney+ and Chill family”, my son calls it “Movie night” even though it can last all day.

Amanda is the Service Coordinator and enjoys watching everyone grow, bloom and accomplish their goals.