Christina Garcia

Service Coordinator

Years working with Advocacy Partners

2 years

Years working in the DD Waiver

20 years

Personal Mission Statement

To live each day by supporting persons or individuals who have difficulties overcoming any area of their life, due to a physical or intellectual disability, so that they may rise above what has been suppressed and that they can find the true meaning of who they are and what they are capable of. I do this by becoming an example, and a hard core advocate along with being their cheer leader to lead them on. I become an example by showing in actions and deeds, standing side by side and working with all to find the solution that works best creating independence. I value the idea of the individuals I support being able to live as independently as possible by gaining the life skills required because when they can live in their own communities being embraced for their own abilities and values, the world sees a clearer picture of inclusion! Accordingly, I will continue to be the advocate and cheer leader that the individuals I help to support, whether it is through service coordination or through direct care, need and depend on. I will continue to stress that each individual has a unique ability specific to them, that is valued in this world.

Fun Fact(s) About Me

I am a Christian. That is a fun fact, because when you know Jesus Life is fun.

Music is my life, I love music. One of my favorite bands came from Finland. They are disbanded now, but I still follow the members on social media.

I have and always will love Star Wars, but I also like Star Trek. There is room for both in my world. I know more about Star Wars though. Oh and if I’m getting into my love of Space and space travels, well who can forget Red Dwarf.

I LOVE animals. I have 3 dogs and a rabbit. I love Pugs.

-As a kid, my parents lured me into the country by telling me I could have any animal I wanted. So I ended up with a hobby farm, I had rabbits, pigs, horses, chickens, turkeys and even Peafowls. I also make friends with squirrels quite easily, and am known as a squirrel whisperer.

I love Taxidermy. I especially like a technique called “diaphonized.” It is a very colorful wet specimen or creature in a jar. I am not allowed to own any because my husband and family think I am weird!

I belong to a certain secret organization, that is not so secret at all. I am an Odd Fellow. Odd Fellows believe in elevating their fellow man, through Friendship, Love and Truth. It is a charitable organization. You can see a lot of our fraternal symbolism in the Tattoo culture.

I have a wicked sense of humor, and by Wicked I probably can classify it more as Twisted. I love comedy and British humor is not dry to me. I was voted class clown in school multiple times, but I think that was more because I was clumsy and less about being funny.

I love Disney. All things Disney. Yes I buy into that, what a wonderful and magical world it is!!!

I am a fan of movies. I am a theater buff and once worked a box office just so I could get free movies. Theater Popcorn is the best!

I always have a music lyric or movie line to quote at any given time.

I was gifted a toddler, who has a global delay diagnosis due to being born prematurely. She is an absolute pleasure to have in my life, and has taught me a great thing about being a better advocate.

In 1986, I got an award for “Special Caring and Understanding of Children with Special Needs.” I was 9 years old, and was given the award during the end of school awards assembly. It was one of my mothers most cherished awards.

I have been told that I am: Faithful, Loving, Super caring, Very welcoming, Family driven, Fun, Silly, Thoughtful, Compassionate, Trustworthy, Hardworking, Bright, Considerate, Sincere, Helpful, Generous, Full of love, Beautiful inside and out, Have a great smile and a Goofball!

Christina believes in supporting everyone. Especially those with physical or intellectual disabilities.