Victoria Romero Garcia

Financial Manager/Partner

Years working with Advocacy Partners

16 years

Years working in the DD Waiver

14 years

Personal Mission Statement

To try and treat everyone the way I want to be treated and to encourage others to do the same!

Fun Fact(s) About Me

  • My family is the most important thing in my life! That includes my Advocacy Partners family.
  • I love to watch soccer and was a soccer mom for 13 years!
  • My hobbies include making epoxy tumblers and Cricut creations.
  • I collect Bunnies and turtles and Winnie the Pooh stuff!
  • I am terrified of birds!
  • I married an amazing man in October 2019.
  • I have three kids: my daughter is 24, my step daughter is 23 and my son is 13.
VIctoria is the financial advisor and partial owner. She wants everyone to treat and be treated with respect.